Monday, February 23, 2009

Listen to This

One of the reasons I enjoy waking up at 4am on a Sunday morning (besides the fact that I get to make breakfast for all of the Sunflower fans) is that I get to hear an interesting show on 90.9fm. Charlie Gillet has a program on BBC radio and it is aired weekly at 4:30 am. Now not everyone is up at that hour but the good news is you can hear it online, . Go to the Forums and Playlist section to find the feed to the show. If you like world music, it is a great place to discover new music.

UPDATE: For whatever reason, since daylight savings time, the program schedule has changed and Charlie Gillet's Show has been moved. It is no longer on at 4:30am so you can sleep in again. It is still available online and I still recommend checking it out. It is worth the effort to find it and listen.