Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Deep Frying

Deep Frying
Americans are getting fatter because most people don’t know how to cook. Contradiction, not really. So many of us stick anything in our mouths just because we are hungry. It isn’t grapes most of the time either. Big, multiple location restaurants are the way of the future in dining I am sad to say. It doesn’t look good for little gems like the Sunflower.
Corporate restaurants do not have loving, hands-on owners like we do here. They survive on systems, recipes and number crunchers. Personality pins, instead of a competent staff with real personalities. A kitchen staff turns out your food instead of a team of conscientious cooks who act as the hands for a Chef who really cares what goes out of his kitchen.
Many cooks don’t know how to cook. Think about the menu items at many of the big fast food or chain restaurants. Wings, fries, blooming onions, etc. Deep frying isn’t cooking. Anybody can do it, you don‘t have to be a Chef. You don’t even have to be a cook. All you need are time and temperature. You only need to set the fryer to the proper temperature and leave the ingredients in the hot oil for the scheduled time and ta-da! Check the numbers, no reading required.
Very few items come out of the deep fryer here at Shorty’s.

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